The #1 Platform for Businesses to Follow Global Privacy Laws

At OneTrust, my job is to create live action videos and motion graphics for all of the various products that OneTrust produces as well as their two annual conference events PrivacyTech and Connect. This includes both internal and external facing content that either goes to the general public or to customers in the form of product demos and learning content.

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OneTrust Website Hero Banner

A fun, quick video to introduce OneTrust and the vague concept of data privacy for all audiences.

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Connect 2020 Launch Video

The Connect conference championed by OneTrust that is an annual conference that draws businesses and clients across the globe to discuss privacy, legislature, and other topics.

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PrivacyTech 2020 Hype Video

PrivacyTech is another event by OneTrust that functions similarly to the Connect series of events. This is a hype video that myself and another designer worked on to help promote the new year’s event.

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OneTrust IBA Award

A video to celebrate OneTrust receiving an award from the IBA (International Business Awards) in summer of 2020.

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OneTrust GRC ITSRM Demo

A product demo for OneTrust GRC that focuses on IT, Security, and Risk Managment.

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OneTrust IAB TCF 2.0 Demo

A product demo for OneTrust PreferenceChoice that is all about the IAB’s updated TCF framework.

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OneTrust CMP Demo

A product demo for OneTrust PreferenceChoice that goes through the tool’s features to follow CMP guidelines